Marketing and Publicity

This page lists some of the logos and posters I’ve made for different people and events.


Linux Install Days

EdLUG Information

  • EdLUG Meetings
  • EdLUG Meetings (for CompSoc Freshers’ Fair)


  • Open Source, Free-as-in-Speech, and Free-as-in-Beer: Download PDF.


  • ThatScottishEngineer: This logo was created for personal use by Alistair Marshall of ThatScottishEngineer. ThatScottishEngineer uses technology to improve the field of chemical engineering. This design shows a computer mouse inputting into a chemical engineering process. This logo is copyright Denise Wood 2009.
    That Scottish Engineer logo
  • Student Tech Meetup: This logo was created for the Edinburgh University Computing Society’s Student TechMeetup. It is an official derivative of the TechMeetup logo. Please check with the organisers at TechMeetup for permission to use this logo. (2010)
    Student Tech Meetup
  • Edinburgh Linux Users Group: This is an unofficial derivative logo for the Edinburgh Linux Users Group and was intended to be used on a new website. This logo is authorised for use only by the Edinburgh Linux Users Group but anyone is free to use it if it has been suitably altered.(2010)
  • Cambridge FreeInkers: This logo was created for the Cambridge FreeInkers, a writing group in Cambridge. To use this image, contact the writing group here. (2011)
    FreeInkers logo
  • Cambridge TEC: This logo was created for the Cambridge Technology Export Communication. My design was black-and-white. The curve of Cambridge and the curved tail on the ‘g’ is meant to symbolise both the bridges of Cambridge and the bridge between Cambridge and the other countries reached by Cambridge TEC. Colour was added by the company. This logo is copyright Cambridge Technology Export Communication 2011.
    Cambridge TEC logo

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