Email – Your best way of getting in touch with me is by email. I try to respond within 24 hours. I am available by phone and am usually able to schedule a face-to-face meeting but you’ll need to e-mail me for my number or to arrange a meeting.


I joined Mastodon as part of an early Twitter exodous but am really enjoying the people there. This is the best place to find me on the social internet these days.


Send me a message or view my work profile on LinkedIn.


I mostly don’t use Twitter these days but I still get notifications if you tag me. If it’s your preferred social media, you can still contact me there.

Speak to Me

In pre-pandemic times, I attended a number of different events in Scotland, including Edinburgh Linux Users Group, Falkirk Linux Users Group, Edinburgh Tech MeetUp, and ISTC East of Scotland Area Group.

I’m hoping to start going along to such in-person meetings again. If you ever see me at one, feel free to come along and have a chat with me (and meet some other people while you’re there)!