The TiVo!

“Huzzah!” I say to this magical box that sits under my television. “Hurrah!” I exclaim when I realise it’s already recorded that show that I completely forgot was last night on channel four.

“Why….?” I query, when I realise that I can’t easily navigate through the A-Z show search, that it lists the same show about 5 times in a row and then I realise that’s because it’s listed each episode of that show, but it’s not included the season (series) and episode numbers so I have to go by the description to figure out which one it is that I want.

“Aww hell….” I mutter when I realise that the show search is done in such a way that it records not only “Castle”, but also “Takeshi’s Castle” and “Castle Farm” (whatever those may be….)

“Argh!” I grunt when I notice that the View-On-Demand and View-Upcoming aren’t put together in one easy-to-access place so I can quickly say “I want to watch this old episode now, and record all the future episodes while I’m at it.”

Alas, it isn’t quite the magical box I thought it would be.

But last night, my partner ran through to the office: “Denise! There’s a program on right now that I think you’ll like to see!”
“Oh!” and I launched up from my chair, quizzing him “Well, what is it?”
“Don’t rush, I’ve paused it. It’s just a show I think you might like. I’ve been watching it for a few minutes already.” I paused.
“Oh yeah… we can pause and rewind TV, now…”

I love my TiVo. I feel like I’m master of the universe, able to pause time and watch whatever I want when I’m in the mood for it.

It just needs a bit of ironing out of the kinks.