Let me talk to you about entitlement.

I am told that I’m a Millennial and, as such, I’m from an entitled generation. I feel like I straddle GenX and Millenials, though, and I see the painful entitlement on both sides.

Millennials who feel entitled to a job just because they went to uni, something my grandfather rages against having gone to night school whilst working for wages and supporting a young family. I was told by that same grandfather to go to uni to get a good job, then I graduated in the midst of the Great Recession and felt the bitter sting of being unemployable because I both didn’t have enough experience but was suddenly overqualified for entry level work — but still needed to repay huge debt.

But I also see the older generations who’ve worked hard all their lives and feel entitled to their retirements, something that is now being treated as a luxury that won’t be extended to the Millenial generation with the retirement age being raised year-on-year.

But we’re familiar with these generational differences, we’ve heard it all before.

Let’s talk about other types of entitlement.

People who feel entitled to own their own homes which are far bigger than they need while young families can’t afford them.

People who drive cars and feel entitled to park their private vehicles on public roads, making thoroughfares less pleasant and less safe.

Men who feel entitled to write legislation dictating how much control women have over their own bodies.

I’m in the UK and now see why every citizen should be entitled to free healthcare.