Do you need a technical author?

A few months ago, I’d noticed that the video recording of me presenting at Edinburgh Tech Meetup was no longer available on Vimeo so I could no longer link people to the talk.

But (unfortunately) I’ve had cause to share my slides a few times in the recent past. I thought it might be more convienient if I could link to them easily, at least. So, for posterity, I offer you the slides of a presentation I gave back in…. 2013? Wow, a decade ago…

I didn’t know what computer I was going to be presenting from at the time, so I output my presentation to PDF. The slides effectively make a flip-book so you do really need to download them to view them in presentation mode and page through them.

If you know your company needs a technical writer, feel free to share these slides with them. And, relatedly, these days I work for 3di Information Solutions which is a technical authoring consultancy so, if you’re considering outsourcing your tech writing, do get in touch with us 😉