Current Work

Due to the fact that I have been working as a staff technical writer for the past few years at companies which provide documentation only to customers (Avaloq Innovation Ltd., Autonomy Systems Ltd., and NCR), I am unable to provide samples of my work here. My current work includes user guides, administration guides, training, and white papers.

Past Work

Valley Technology Ltd.

I worked for Valley Technology Ltd. in Edinburgh for a year (July 2008 – August 2009) as their in-house technical writer. During that period, I wrote all the end-user guides for their bespoke software applications. A few samples of my work for The PODFather (Valley Technology’s pay-as-you-go proof-of-delivery software) can be found here.

  • The PODFather – A Usercase. Document produced in Microsoft Word 2007. Download PDF (1.5MB)
  • The PODFather Web Application (Version 1.24) Users Guide. Document produced in LaTeX with WinShell and MikTeX. Download PDF (NB: 2.4MB – contains many pictures)
  • A Quick Introduction to The PODFather Mobile Application. Document produced in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. Download PDF (627KB)
    Updated January 2012: Download PDF (784KB)

Please note that these documents are all copyright 2009 Valley Technology Ltd. (unless otherwise noted) and appear here only as portfolio samples. As such, they may be out-of-date and may not be updated.

Citrine Scheduler

On 17th April 2010, I took part in the Graduate Development Community’s Open Source Jumpstart London 2010 event. During this event, graduates were assigned to various open source projects to contribute to. I wrote documentation for the Citrene Scheduler project. My contributions can be found in the wiki section of the project page under the user “PhileinSophia”. A PDF printout of the wiki document can also be downloaded here: Citrine_Usage.pdf.