My new digitiser tablet

I decided to make the investment and I got myself a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet at Aldi for £40. To test the tablet, I had a rummage through some old drawings of mine and found this self-portrait circa 2003 (on the left) and had a go at updating it. I started in G.I.M.P. and, unsatisfied, fixed it up in Inkscape (on the right). How I do love my open-source image editing programs.

Addicted to Internet - when the tablet stylus trumps the pencil

3 thoughts on “My new digitiser tablet

  1. I’ve been a long time user of Wacom tablets, so when my old roskhorwe Intuos finally kicked the bucket I tried the new Bamboo. One of my designers at work recommended I give it a whirl. Installation is a piece of cake. There are practically zero adjustments or preferences to set to be expected at this price point. This is good and bad. I’ve found the drivers (or something) to be a bit wiggy though. Sometimes I have to plug in a mouse (gah!) to force the tablet to read the screen again. The sensitivity is lackluster, again to be expected. For basic stuff it’s fine, but for anything requiring brush work it leaves a lot to be desired. If you use Photoshop or Illustrator, invest in an Intuos. The money is well spent if you’re using it in a professional arena. I can only recommend this for people interested in learning the beauty and usefulness of a tablet for computer graphics work, OR anyone who suffers from carpal tunnel. As a basic input device it’s effective enough. Using a pen feels more natural than pushing a bar of soap around a desk!

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