Running amber lights is discouraged. The smiley is not impressed.

Most of the time, graffiti is a sign of a troubled neighbourhood; surely it’s only irreverent people who leave their mark on things that are not theirs!

Outside my flat is a set of lights which is half-closed because of some pipe works under the roads. A temporary set of lights was put up about 2 weeks ago and only just yesterday I noticed that the light was frowning at me as I walked past the cars patiently waiting their turn.

It’s made my day, graffiti or no. I’d prefer seeing this sort of fun around town than the random spraypaint doodles or bizarre stickers.

My new digitiser tablet

I decided to make the investment and I got myself a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet at Aldi for £40. To test the tablet, I had a rummage through some old drawings of mine and found this self-portrait circa 2003 (on the left) and had a go at updating it. I started in G.I.M.P. and, unsatisfied, fixed it up in Inkscape (on the right). How I do love my open-source image editing programs.

Addicted to Internet - when the tablet stylus trumps the pencil


Denim Monster Dice Pouch

For my birthday, I received a most awesome gift of a sewing machine. Finally, I’d have a reason for keeping the pile of fabric and scraps! I could recycle them and make something new!

I made a Dice Monster – useful for keeping my set of dice together in a neat little bag – out of a small zipper and a bit of scrap denim salvaged from an old pair of jeans. I’d say it was a good use of a few minutes.